10 Celebrity’s Who Have Insured Their Body Parts For An Unbelievable Amount Of Money

For the majority of us, our car, house and health are some of our most valuable assets. In the world of celebrities though, things are a little different.

While we could never dream of owning a million dollar finger or a $300 million booty, celebrities make their fortunes from their highly bankable body parts. If anything goes awry with their famed figures or trademark smiles, they could be out of pocket to the tune of millions. That’s why these sport, film and music stars have protected their assets with eye-watering insurance policies.


David Lee Roth’s sperm – $1 million

The Van Halen front man lays claim to one of the strangest insurance policies around. Likely expecting they would see a lot of action, David Lee Roth took out a cover to protect his little swimmers, which are worth a staggering $1 million. His policy even covers him for potential paternity suits and child support payments, meaning if he gets a groupie knocked up, his insurance company will fork over a seven figure sum.

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