These ten iconic toys from the 80’s have made me realize that I should have listened to the people who told me, “Don’t touch it! It’s worth money!”
You may want to have a look in your basement or attic after reading this.

#1 Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron Action Figurines (Worth £600)


#2 The Real Ghostbusters Fright Feature “Janine Melnitz” Action Figurine (Worth £650)


#3 Mint Cabbage Patch Kid (Worth £650)

cabbage patch dolls

#4 Garbage Pail Kids “Adam Bomb” (Worth £655)

garbage pail kids

#5 Mint Teddy Ruxpin (Worth £916)

teddy ruxpin

#6 Nintendo NES In Box (Worth £1,310)


#7 She-Ra and Swift Wind Action Figurines (Worth £2,619)

she ra

#8 G.I. Joe Motorized Battle Tank (Worth £4,250)

#9 He-Man and Battlecat Action Figurines (Worth £4,580)

he-man figure

#10 He-Man Eternia Playset (Worth £11,000)

he man eternia playset