10 Instagram Images Proving That Curvy Model Iskra Lawrence Is Truly Beautiful!


So this is the insta ideal, right now I’m sick (literally was vomiting even water up and 💩 every 10mins) but no one actually wants to see that. This is evident from less engagement compared to pics like this - the highlight reel as many of us call it. And I don’t get too upset about this in the sense that I like to think it’s because we want to see the positives. And we want to share the happiest moments. But it is important to try and live in our truths and also to never compare our life, appearance and “success” to images we see online - because it’s not always the way it seems. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments. Because right now I feel like a mess physically but I want to post this pic where I was in pure joy and feeling so confident and loving life. shoutout to all the people who have the strength to post about their health, mental and physical and those who post pics that show the real them. I did an insta story yesterday because I felt like I was letting so many ppl down by not being able to do the meet and greet - I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. And I’m trying to think of ways I can make it upto those who came out. This caption is a total ramble lol but thank you for all the real ones who take the time to read my thoughts ILYSM😘 Oh and S/o to the @dreamhotels I’m dreaming of being back in Miami so much😍

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