Objectum sexuality, or “objectophilia” is when individuals have strong emotional, romantic (and even sexual) feelings towards particular inanimate objects. Some of them find the mere idea of having such a relationship with another human ridiculous.

#1  Amanda Whittaker


In Love With: the Statue of Liberty

Amanda Whittaker, a shop assistant from Leeds, England, is in a long-distance relationship with the Statue of Liberty. She first became infatuated with the monument in 2007, when she saw a photo of her friend with the statue online. She says it’s not the first time she’s been in love with an object, saying that she had a passionate love affair with a drum kit when she was a teenager.

She has visited the statue many times, and claims that just touching the monument gave her an orgasm: “Libby satisfies my lovemaking needs.” She has also created a shrine to Libby in her home, keeps a six-foot replica of it in her bedroom, and has even changed her surname to Liberty.

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