A man from the post-apocalyptic future, Cole uses a dangerous, untested method of time travel to get from 2043 to the present day. He is on a mission to locate and rid the world of the source of the plague that, eventually, will annihilate the human race. Assisting him is Dr. Cassandra Railly, a virologist who must decide whether to do harm in order to save the world, despite that she has taken a Hippocratic oath. The sci-fi series is based on Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film, which starred Bruce Willis as Cole.

For Terry Gilliam fans around the world this was one of the most anticipated remakes this year. Not all series make it but after watching the pilot and first two episodes this looks like it going to be a winner, not everyones cup of tea and might be hard to follow at times but if you’re a fan of SciFi then this is a must.

UK Premier 27 February 2015 Syfy Channel at 9:00pm

Episode List

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  • Pilot – 27th Feb. 2015
  • Mentally Divergent – 6th Mar. 2015
  • Cassandra Complex – 13th Mar. 2015
  • Atari – 20th Mar. 2015
  • The Night Room – 27th Mar. 2015
  • Revision – 3rd Apr. 2015
  • The Keys – 2015
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  • Tomorrow: Part I – 2015
  • Tomorrow: Part II – 2015
  • Divine Move – 2015
  • Episode #1.11 – 2015
  • Episode #1.12 – 2015
  • Episode #1.13 – 2015
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Official Trailer