5 Things That Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

#1 Search online for quotes


Take the time to search the internet for auto insurance quotes. Insurance companies are prone to keeping their best deals for new customers so it’s best to check what they are offering. Just because you have been with a company for 10 years doesn’t mean that you have to stick with them. You could save a lot of money by switching.

#2 Larger excess


Always opt for a higher voluntary excess when setting up your car insurance cover. In general the higher your excess is the lower your premium will be. Don’t choose an excess that you can’t realistically afford though because in the event of an accident you will have to pay it before your insurer will pay out.

#3 Don’t add to many extra’s


Do you have loads of extra’s that you don’t really need? Insurance companies will always try and sell you all the added benefits like widescreen protection or courtesy cars, these are not really all that necessary and by opting to not have these you could be saving yourself a tidy little sum.

#4 Lower your annual mileage


How far do you actually drive each year? If it’s possible try to negotiate a lower annual mileage than you did with your last policy. This can be especially handy for families that own two cars and one car does more miles than the other. Reducing your mileage can make a decent impact on your premium also.

#5 Try and pay outright


It may seem like a good idea to spread the cost of your payments throughout the year, but in the end up you will normally end up paying more for your car insurance. The reason for this is that most insurance companies will charge you interest for the luxury of spreading your payments. if you cant afford to pay it off in one lump sum you could always use a 0% purchase credit card to pay for it, just remember to clear this before the 0% period ends.


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