A Heart Breaking Story From Anna Lee Gruenwald

This is my story

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I made this for people who have struggled or still struggle with self harm. i also made this for anyone who has ever been sexually abused. To let them know it can get better you just have to stay strong and keep telling yourself it will get better. You are not alone and someone is always there.

“I was extremely nervous to post this but i know it will help a lot of people. And if I get negative comments, as long as I helped at least one person, it was worth it.”

A young woman’s simple but startling video has gone viral this week, after she bravely chose to share her story of abuse, bullying and self-harm with the world.

Anne Gruenwald was abused by her mother’s boyfriend from the age of seven. What followed was years of depression and self-harm as Anna tried to come to terms with what she had gone through at such a young age.

Now in her teens, Anna has told her story to the world, to show others that they are not alone.

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