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Are We Alone In The Universe Or Are There Other Civilizations Beyond Our Galaxy

We would be naive to think that in a universe as big as it is we were the only ones living in it. With space reaching farther than we can possible imagine there has to be countless other species maybe the same as us maybe not. In the word’s of the late Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock) who sadly passed away yesterday, “It is Highly Illogical…”

Are these alien beings visiting us on Earth, well to be honest probably yes. Over the years there have just been far to many sightings for them all to be classed as hoaxes. And why wouldn’t an another civilization visit earth, we visited the moon and if we could we would visit other planets also. The mere fact that we don’t have the technology doesn’t mean others cant.

Scientists have argued for a long time that space travel between galaxy’s is impossible due to the distance, and to actually get anywhere soon you would have to travel at warp speeds that would cause so much g-force that it would crush a human. Crush a HUMAN.. yes! We honestly have to idea whats out there, we have no idea what kind of bodies aliens may have. For all we know g-forces don’t apply to them. Laws of the universe may not even apply to them.

[pullquote]”To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational,” Stephen Hawkin[/pullquote]Remember your taught this stuff regarding physics and what is possible and what’s not possible by people who don’t really actually know themselves, it’s all mostly theory’s and yes they apply to us but we cannot say 100% that this applies to everything in the universe.

One thing is for sure out of the countless planets out there you can be guaranteed that some of them will be inhabited.

Have our governments been hiding the truth from us for over 60 years, watch this video from renowned UFO investigators and reporters Third Phase Of The Moon, see what you think!