Quadcopters can be fun at the best of times, but what if that quadcopter is a Star Wars speeder bike, then look no further.

Adam Woodworth an RC expert, Aerospace Engineering graduate and currently working for Google in hardware engineering has done just that.


The 1:6 scale Hasbro replica of the famous “74-Z Speeder Bike” or “Imperial Speeder Bike” was fitted out with four 7″ rotors, driven by 880kv 28mm motors.


As you can see this lifts the model perfectly into the air.


The bike rider was next to get a makeover stripping down the heavier body parts and replacing them with old Nerf darts, 6mm carbon tubes and some pipe cleaners.


Lastly the helmet was swapped out for a FPV camera that was mounted into a styrofoam ball.

Star Wars