Game Of Thrones Season 5 News And Spoilers: Cersei Is Off To See The High Sparrow But Will She Return?

The new season of Game of Thrones will feature one of the most anticipated moments from the books. Namely, Cersei Lannister’s meeting with the High Sparrow. This meeting may hold some surprises for both the book readers and show lovers.


Jonathan Pyrce plays the High Sparrow, the religious head of Westoros, and had some comments for the Liverpool Echo about his role in the show.

“I can’t give too much away but there are some real surprises this season. Some surprise deaths too, but then that’s Game of Thrones.”

Here’s another actor confirming that we’ll see some surprising deaths. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. There may be a death in the seat of King’s Landing.

In the books everyone in the two (three technically) houses currently affiliated with the crown are fairly safe but we know that things are going off book.

The dealings the crown has with the High Sparrow center around Cersei, the Queen Mother, attempting to frame Margaery, the current Queen, for infidelity. This plan backfires terribly and is what leads Cersei to have to take the naked penance walk in order to repent for her crimes.

Her dealings with the High Sparrow lead to the arrests of herself and Margaery. They both have to stand trial for their crimes. These trials, although they have not happened in the book, may lead to the death of one of these ladies.

We’ve speculated that Cersei may meet her end this season. Since we don’t know how either of these trails go in the book, it is possible that at least one woman fails her test and ends up on the wrong end of an executioner’s axe.

Game of Thrones returns on April 12.


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