Grid Girls To Be Removed From This Seasons F1 And They’re Not Happy About It!

Glamorous promotional girls have long been used in various sports including motor racing, darts, boxing and UFC, following the ban on the sexy hostesses in darts this year F1 bosses have decided to follow suit by removing them from all races beginning in March 2018. The girls understandably are not happy about it as to many this is their main source of income.

Stuart Pringle the managing director of Silverstone stated “We wholeheartedly support the decision by F1 to drop the use of grid girls, it is an outdated practice that no longer has a place in sport.”

Charlotte Gash a part-time grid girl who says she is “disgusted” with F1’s decision.

“I’m one of the lucky ones that I don’t rely on this as a main source of income, but there are girls out there who do.

“I know the grid girls are there to look pretty when they’re out on the grid but my role was interacting with the crowd and we were there as an advertisement for the sponsors. We love doing it we don’t want it taken away from us.”

In recognition to all grid girls around the world we have collected 37 of the hottest examples to show you why these stunning additions to sports should not be removed for ever!


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