How This Father Puts His Baby To Bed Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

Getting a newborn to fall asleep can be a noisy chore at times, and because of this parents will try anything to get their little one to peacefully drift off into slumber. So when we saw this footage, we knew we had to share it with you.

How this father puts his newborn to rest is almost magical…I wish I could send my child off to sleep with a gentle hand gesture. Lord only knows how many hours of rest new parents would regain with such a successful strategy.

Some children are quicker to nod off than others. It all depends on the genetic makeup of the baby, the surrounding environment and the nutrition the little one is given. I don’t remember this personally, but when I asked my parents how I was as a child when it came to bedtime, apparently I was a bit of a handful.

According to them, I would routinely throw a tantrum at even the sight of a crib. Even at a young age, my hatred for sleep was so thick, my first nemesis was a pillow. While most kids had a security blanket, I kept mine at a distance – knowing that upon first sight of that thing, it was going to be time for bed.

Needless to say, I was not a fan.

Since then, I have not only abandoned my distaste for sleep, but I’ve grown to love the time I spend snoring my worries away. The way one feels after a solid 8 hours of slumber is unbeatable. All this being said, I still struggle to fall asleep at times, so if there was a magical hand motion that would cure that (like the one in this video) I’d be all for it!

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