Is The Worst And Craziest Mixed Martial Arts Fight Ever

Worst MMA promotion ever! Stand-ups as soon as the fight hits the canvas, the cage door flies open, fighter catches a knee while outside the cage, corner man runs into the cage attacking the opponent while the referee just watches, fighting after the bell.

BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE! The nuttiness isn’t even close to being over!

The owner of Slam MMA, Marco Santi, jumps into the ring and performs a perfect double-leg takedown of ankle-wrap guy, gets in full mount, and then smashes him in the face with a Bas Rutten open-palm strike! After seeing their fighter get punched by the promoter, ankle-wrap guy’s corner rushes towards the cage only to be stopped by what appears to be either the Italian MMA commission, or just some really drunk dudes from the audience.

What happens next is rather confusing. Despite the blatant infractions by the referee and the guy not wearing the ankle-wraps, it appears that he actually wins the fight. Nothing makes sense about any of this. This is an MMA promotion in Italy called SLAM FC.

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