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Ladies Day Behaving Badly: These Are The Shocking Pictures Racecourse Bosses From The UK Tried To Ban!

Almost every big horse racing event throughout the UK has its own Ladies’ Day. This is a day where the ladies don their best dresses, hats, high heels and hairstyles in a bid to be crowned the best dressed as well as take in the racing.

Unfortunately for some ladies this does not go according to plan, with all the excitement in the air and the champagne in the glasses things can go bad for even the toffiest of totty. From drunk and disorderly and wardrobe malfunctions these women have no shame. It’s no wonder racecourse bosses tried to ban all pictures of their crazy antics!

Here are our favorite 20 pictures of ladies behaving badly

#1 Piggy backs maybe not the best idea when your wearing a very short skirt!

Ladies misbehaving at the races

#2 Streakers.. what was the odds on them turning up

Ladies misbehaving at the races

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