Nutmeg is 114 years old in Cat years and longs for the sweet release of death!

This is Nutmeg. Nutmeg is a very, very old cat.

nutmeg cat

Nutmeg is not thrilled. About anything.

Nutmeg the Cat recently celebrated his 31st birthday, making him a strong contender for the oldest Cat in the world.

nutmeg cat birthday

Owners Liz and Ian found Nutmeg when he was a stray after he befriended their first cat, Spice.


The trio have been a happy family ever since!

nutmeg cat owners
nutmeg vets

Last year Nutmeg suffered a serious stroke, but the Vet was able to save his life. So far, Nutmeg has got eight more lives left!


Nutmeg enjoying his birthday cake!

nutmeg cat cake

To apply for the official Guinness World Record Ian and Liz have to have official birth certificates, which might be tough since they found Nutmeg as a stray.

Still, Ian and Liz love their very old buddy!

Nutmeg still likes a cuddle even after all these years!

Happy Birthday Nutmeg! We wish you many more happy healthy years!

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Created by Elizabeth Joan