More controversy last night as the latest celeb Cami Li was kicked out of the house. In an interview with Emma Willis talking about fellow housemate Perez Hilton she said: “It was like five hours out of the day. I was like: ‘Shall I slit this motherf**ker’s throat?'”.

A shocked Emma Willis then told her that her comment “was just a tad across the line”.

Cami Li added: “I feel so bad for the things he’s done to people. He tried to degrade me by telling me and Chloe [Goodman] we should have a lesbian relationship for the camera.

“He can go f**k himself.”

Emma also asked her if she was surprised that she had come out before Perez and she replied: “No, I think he’ll make it to the final.”

Emma then asked her when she first realised she disliked Perez and she answered: “He would talk to us like he was a journalist.”

Still going, Cami Li also commented that Perez was a ‘grower not a show-er’, this was a in reference to a statement Perez had made earlier in the show regarding beds in the CBB house.