Should Cannabis Be Legalized In The United Kingdom?


Dr Chris Van Tulleken Gets High

Last night in the UK saw the world’s first ever live test into the effects of skunk and hash. Top reporter Jon Snow and Jennie Bond both got high for the social experiment which aired on UK Channel 4.

The show titled “Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial” also featured Embarrassing Bodies Dr Christian Jessen and Infectious Disease doctor, Dr Chris Van Tulleken. The programme dealt with the many issues regarding the difference between the two popular drugs.

Dr Jessen usefully laid out the differences between the two types of cannabis in a tweet before the show started.

Regulation, legalisation or further criminalising – what is the answer?

One of the experts points out that the drug dealers won’t disappear if cannabis is legalised but Richard Branson disagrees.

“We’re criminalising 100,000 people a year for smoking a joint. They can’t get jobs, they can’t get educated and they can’t go to America,” says Richard Branson in favour of legalising cannabis.

Another expert says that she’s against legalisation because we regulate the biggest killer of people in the world – tobacco.

Do you think it should be made legal in the United Kingdom?

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