Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control

If you are a Trekkie then first of all we salute you, and secondly you really need this in your life! Quite simply it’s one of the best Star Trek merchandise we have ever seen. Beautifully and painstakingly 3D scanned from the last prop in existence, it truly is a work of art and every geeks dream!

With advanced gesture-based controls that are compatible with most home entertainment equipment (TV’s, DVD players, stereos and iPod docks etc) you can shoot the TV on or off, adjust the volume with a flick of the wrist and so much more.

Your existing remote can now be left down the back of the sofa thanks to 9 gestures in 4 memory banks which gives you 36 programmable functions (after all the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few).

And the best bit of all, the Star Trek Phaser remote features authentic special FX sounds from the Star Trek universe! So when no one’s home you can run around the house shooting make-believe Klingons and Jem’Hadar to your heart’s content, without the need to ‘pew pew pew’!

The Phaser remote will sit proudly on your coffee table thanks to the stand accessory and even the presentation box looks like it’s just been shipped from Star Fleet Academy. We can’t stress enough the fanatical attention to detail of every part.

Finally as if all of the above wasn’t enough, the Phaser also features a removable Phaser 1 which is a remote control in its own right, adding a truly authentic TOS touch.

Live long and prosper.

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  • Authentic Star Trek Phaser
  • Officially licensed by CBS
  • 3D scanned from the last remaining Phaser prop in existence
  • Gesture-based universal remote
  • Control almost any device including TVs, DVD/blu ray players, iPod docks etc
  • Plays a wide selection of sounds from the original series
  • Spoken prompts help guide you through setup
  • Features a removable Type 1 Phaser when not in use
  • Metal stand to display your
  • Fantastic foam-lined presentation case
  • Screwdriver included
  • A must have for any Trekkie
  • Measures approx. 23 x 19 x 6cm
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  • Weapons case presentation box
  • Type 1 Phaser
  • Type 2 Phaser
  • Metal stand
  • Screwdriver
[/column] [/columns] Available from ThinkGeek

Star Trek


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