These Nine Wonderfully Weird Facts About The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Will Warp Your Mind!

FOX is rebooting the cult classic – Be sure you’re ready with these nine sennnnnsational facts!

Created by Brad Majors
on April 19, 2017

A Show For The Ages

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The stage show of Rocky Horror opened in 1975, giving it the longest running theatrical release of all time!

I Can Make You A Man

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The role of Dr. Frank N Furter was Tim Curry’s break out role, and solidified him as a cult icon.

The Real Riff Raff

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The character of Riff Raff was played by Richard O’Brian, who also wrote the screenplay and the show!

Can We Use Your Phone?

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The same house used in the Rocky film also appeared in “The Brides of Dracula” and “The Plague of Zombies”. People agree that it’s terrifying!

Those Luscious Red Lips

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Patricia Quinn who played Magenta almost dropped out of the film, but agreed to stay when her lips were used at the start of the film.

Rocky Himself

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Peter Hinwood played “Rocky” and was a professional underwear model, not an actor. His performance won him praise for it’s subtlety.

Technicolor Dreaming

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O’Brian wanted the opening to be in black and white, color would appear with the arrival of Frank N Furter. The studio killed this idea.

Legendary Make Up

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Frank N Furter’s iconic, maybe eccentric look was made by Pierre La Roche, who also created David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust look.

The Queen

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Initially Curry played Frank with a German accent, but after hearing a posh woman on the bus he decided Frank should sound like the Queen.



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