This 26 Year Old Entrepreneur Created One Of The Hottest New Fashions Gymshark In His Parents Garage!

Meet Ben Francis the creator of the Gymshark brand now worth over £100m! It all started when Ben was 19 studying at University by day and delivering pizzas by night. Ben was already dabbling in a few online projects including health supplements and selling car number plates, by this time he had also built and launched two iPhone fitness tracking apps, one which earned him a modest £8k.

When he finally realized that selling health supplements wasn’t the big money earner he had expected he decided to try something else – clothing, and how do you maximize profits in clothing well you make them yourself! so he set up shop with a few friends in his parents garage and Gymshark was born.

How do you market sportswear you have created in a garage, answer you give it away free to some of the top fitness YouTubers and Instagram influencers such as Lex Griffin and Nikki Blackletter the idea worked they loved the brand and sales started to skyrocket.

Now fast becoming one of the hottest new brands in sportwear with over 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.6 million on Facebook it looks like the Gymshark brand is here to stay!

Check out 21 of the best Gymshark fashions as worn by some of the hottest women in fitness!

Ben Francis Gymshark


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