Tom Hardy Stars In The New Mad Max Fury Road Movie 2015


It’s been 35 years since Australian director George Miller brought us the very first Mad max movie, starring a young Mel Gibson. Gibson plays the role of a pursuit officer of the Main Force Patrol (MFP)in the barren wastelands of the Australian outback. The movie was set in a futuristic world where motorcycle gangs scavenge the land and terrorize the population, two follow up movies have since been made, Mad Max 2 (a.k.a. The Road Warrior) and Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome.

The movies have assumed a large cult following and the original holds the Guinness record for most profitable movie in decades.

The fourth installment stars Tom hardy from The Drop (2014) and Charlize Theron from Æon Flux (2005).

Again we are transported into an apocalyptic future full of scavengers and killers just waiting to steal your possessions and do you harm.

Max a man of few words is on a mission to survive and find some sort of peace in the fact that his family was murdered years ago (Mad Max). Theron plays Furiosa a woman who’s goal is also survival and believes the only way to accomplish this is by making her way across the desert.

Check out the trailer below.

Mad Max Fury Road is due for release May 13th 2015 Belgium then May 15th 2015 worldwide.


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