Unbelivable Meet The Real Life Peter Griffin From Family Guy


Meet Robert Franzese who look talks and acts like Family Guy character Peter Griffin.

Franzese stated recently that he knew he could do Peter Griffin ‘very early on’, and after becoming a fan of the show in high school he started mimicking the character’s voice. The impersonation came much later.

He said: ‘A lot of people get really excited when they see me dressed as Peter Griffin, but they get into what I like to refer to as overload excited when they hear me speak.

‘Since I have gone viral a few times now, sometimes I get recognized at shows.’

Mr Franzese said Family Guy’s creator, Seth McFarlane, had shown his approval of his impersonations by re-tweeting a video of him acting as Griffin.

He said: ‘This has all been really amazing. The amount of support I’ve been receiving is mind-blowing.

‘My ultimate goal in life is to become a voice actor.
‘It would be awesome to make a career out of going to conventions too.’

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Robert Franzese cosplaying as the Real Life Peter Griffin goes to New York Comic Con 2014. Get to know a little more behind the aspiring voice actor and cosplayer.

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