University Library Naughty Webcam Star Kendra Sunderland Tells Her Story

A university student who caused a furore after filming an adult video in her campus library has revealed her parents were not happy when they found out, which isn’t a big surprise.

Kendra Sunderland, 19, posted a video of herself taking her clothes off and showing her breasts that became a huge hit online after going on MyFreeCams, a live sex website.

Unsuspecting students could be seen walking past in the background at the Oregon State University library, which was just one of the things Ms Sunderland’s mum and dad may have been angered by.

‘They’re kind of upset now,’ the teenager told New York Daily News.

They’re so upset they have stopped giving her money for school.

Kendra Sunderland

But they may have been pleased to know she wasn’t getting away with it after being hit with a public indecency charge.

If guilty, she could go to prison for 12 months and be fined £4,150.

This probably won’t bother the 19-year-old as she’s already earned a substantial amount from MyFreeCams and is set make even more money.

She added: ‘When I first started working for MyFreeCams, I was hoping that it would open to modelling and doing magazines and shoots like that.’

She was banned from the campus as a result of her antics.



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