It’s season 3 of TV show Vikings on the History Channel and we’ve put together all the cast details and episode spoilers we could find. The season’s premiere episode is called “Mercenary” and episode 2 is called “The Wanderer.” The synopsis of episode 1 is: Ragnar and Lagertha’s fleets depart Kattegat once more for Wessex but this time they bring settlers. King Ecbert hosts the Vikings and proposes a deal. Despite the misgivings of some of the other leaders, Ragnar leads his forces into battle once more, but this time as allies of Wessex. The summary for the second episode this season is titled: A mysterious wanderer arrives in Kattegat; Lagertha and Athelstan establish a Viking settlement.

Creator Michael Hirst spoke with TV Guide about Ragnar, letting them know he will at least survive the season, revealing:

I’m only somewhere in the middle of Ragnar’s story, so don’t expect any time soon that Ragnar’s going to quit the scene because he’s the most important character.

Hirst also revealed that Lagertha get romantically involved with King Ecbert. Hirst states:

Ecbert, I think, is genuinely amazed by a woman who, unlike Saxon women, is not only a mother and a wife, but a warrior. And I think he’s excited by that. It’s quite an amusing relationship because initially neither can speak the other’s language, so poor Athelstan has to translate their words to each other even if they’re flirting with each other.

Lagertha leaves new charachetr Kalf in charge, which is bad judgement in her behalf as he quickly turns against her. Hirst revealed to Zap2it:

He’s someone who knows Lagertha very well. She helped bring him up after his mother died and trusts him completely.

Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha latest interview below:

Following the time period this season, the Vikings “take Paris,” as Hirst explains:

Historically speaking, the Vikings raided Paris with 100 boats and 3,000 men, which means our production has had to step up considerably. And this is a huge endeavor. It’s utterly fantastic to watch.

Another new character for season 3, Hirst reveals some information on him:

He’s very enigmatic figure and calls himself The Wanderer. His coming has a huge and dramatic impact on these three women. And on Aslaug, because he turns out to have healing abilities and gifts and he helps her with her crippled and troubled son, Ivar … He is an enigmatic figure because in the end you don’t know whether he’s good or evil. Or perhaps both.

It is also rumored that Bjorn is in love with Thorunn, actress Jennie Jacques will portray Judith who is the daughter of King Aelle, Ben Robson will play Kalf, Lothaire Bluteau will be Charles the Bald, actress Morgane Polanski is Princess Gisla, and Kevin Durand is The Wanderer.

Latest UK Update Vikings Season 3 will be shown at 10pm 24th March History Channel