Walter White From Breaking Bad Gets Sent Into Space!

The latest viral marketing campaign from the second-screen app company Tvtag has seen them send a bobble head figure of the famous meth cook from TV’s Breaking Bad into space.

tvtag / Via

tvtag / Via

Johnny Galbraith, marketing director for Tvtag, explained that the decision to launch Walter into space came about at a company hackathon when the non-tech employees wanted something to do.

“TV characters are pretty cool, but it’d be cooler to see them in space,”

tvtag / Via

tvtag / Via

Beforehand the company held an online poll to determine which famous bobble head would be sent into the stratosphere, 6,000 voter decided that Breaking Bad’s Walter White would be the best celeb astronaut, with close runners up being Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead and Game Of Throne’s Daenery Targaryen.

Walter was launched from Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and took approx two hours before reaching the final frontier.

tvtag / Via

tvtag / Via

“In space no one can hear you knock,” Galbraith said.

Walter was airborne for more than six hours and landed in Wyoming about 250 miles from his starting point.

Galbraith said they plan on sending more bobble heads into space until the equipment breaks or they lose it in space.

Watch the full video below

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