What These Mexican Soldiers Find Inside This Wardrobe Will Amaze You

It wasn’t Narnia they found in this wardrobe! It was a massive tunnel and a secret route all the way into the US.

A policeman checks the access to a suspected drug tunnel under construction during a media tour by Mexican Army in Tijuana

Soldiers and federal agents made the discovery in a house in Tijuana and it led them all the way to California.

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An investigator climbs down the deep shaft.

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The tunnel was so sophisticated that it had been wired with it’s own electricity and a cart system which would have been used to transport illegal drugs across the border.

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Nine people have been arrested in connection with the find, although it’s not been stated yet if they are cartel members.

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No one knows how long the cartel’s have been using this route for but one thing is for sure it’s been the source of massive amounts of smuggled goods into the US.

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