What This Little Girl Is Addicted To Eating Is Shocking

Meet Jessica, the four-year-old girl addicted to eating carpet underlay!

Jessica has a rare condition called Pica which gives her cravings for odd items.


The four-year old, from March in Cambridgeshire first started munching on weird stuff when she was just two years old.


Jessica began her odd culinary adventure by eating a fake leather child’s chair she then moved on to eat carpets, cement chips from pavements and sand.


Her mother has warned her about the dangers of her habit but this has only made her more secretive when she eats.

Mr’s Knight states that she is at a loss regarding her daughters condition as doctors have already told her that they cannot help until Jessica is at least six years old.


Mr’s Knight said “I was really shocked when I realised just how much she was eating. If you lift up the carpet in her room now you can see there is no underlay left.”


Dr Alison Sansome the Clinical Director for Children’s Services at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust released a statement saying that it was inappropriate to discuss individual cases but did confirm that the family were on a waiting list for treatment.

“In general terms PICA is a complex condition and treatment will be dictated by the specific circumstances in each case.

“Some treatments cannot start until children have reached certain cognitive development stages.

“Our priority in all cases is to ensure every child receives the best care possible. “I would encourage any parent who has concerns about their child’s treatment plans to discuss this with their paediatrician.”


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