Woman In Bikini Tries To Recreate Mentos And Coke Experiment And FAILS

Footage shows the woman hilariously splashing around in shallow pool of Diet Coke with mints strapped to her

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This is the moment a bikini-clad woman totally failed to recreate the Coke and Mentos bathtub stunt.

Footage of a Japanese man strapping the mints to his body and plunging himself into a tub filled with Coke Zero went rapidly viral earlier this year.

But his woman’s attempt to do the same was an epic fail.

Instead of a sea of froth and bubbles, this tame effort ends up with the woman splashing around in a shallow pool of Diet Coke.

Fail: Davison can't get Coke and Mentos to fizz

Fail: Davison can’t get Coke and Mentos to fizz

The footage shows Davison of YouTube channel Sexperimental LOLPervs strapping Mentos mints to her custom bikini, before filling her tub with $40 of Diet Coke and climbing in.

But it turns out that isn’t that much as it barely covers her ankles.

Despite her best efforts she’s totally unable to get the combination to bubble up.

She pours the sugary drink over herself, lays face down and even ends the video by throwing her whole bikini into the bath – but to no avail.

Comments on the YouTube video point out that the Coke had little CO2 left by the time it was slowly poured into the bath.

So this woman was just left with a sugary mess to clean up.

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