You Won’t Believe What This 29 Year-Old Model Does For Fun

Meet Ocean Ramsey a 29-year old model, scuba instructor, surfer, free diver and passionate conservationist who has dived with at least 32 different species of sharks. Did we mention she can also hold her breath for 5 minutes 45 seconds!

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Ocean from Hawaii first started swimming with sharks at the age of 14.

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Clinging onto the back of a 5m-long Great White would be terrifying to most. “It’s difficult to express the incredible joy and breathtaking emotion experienced locking eyes with a great white shark.”

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Ocean hopes to dispel the myths surrounding sharks as ferocious killers. “Some of the greatest moments of my life have been diving with great white sharks.”

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Proving they really can be friendly giants. Read more on this amazing woman life via her website.

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